Wedding Rebel
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What makes some people to secretly or openly lusts after others despite they are already in a relationship or even married?
Here are the three main reasons why some people cheat or lust after others;
1. Naturally high sex drive- Some people have a naturally high sex drive (i.e., libido) have you seen videos of 4-10 years old kids piano prodigies? You wonder how could a 4-year-old boy with his tiny fingers plays piano better than any master. Some are naturally born eunuchs while some are born with a high libido. Some are tall some are short, some are gentle while some are aggressive. When someone with high sex drive marries a person who is not then you know there will be an issue at home. And that could lead to cheating or lusting after others. That’s why you and I need divine strength/grace to overcome some imbalances in our nature bcoz sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh(body) is weak- 2nd wedding dresses
2. When you do not or couldn’t marry your Adam or Eve due to some reasons beyond your control or best known to you then there will be an issue sooner or later in your relationship. Unhappiness in a relationship/marriage makes many to seek someone else who may satisfy them. I guess we’ve all heard about the love story of Romeo and Juliet. If you marry your Romeo/Juliet no one or nothing is strong enough to separate you. Cheating or lusting after others is impossible bcoz the only love of your life and the one your heart admires forever is him/her.
3. Serious temptations all around- in this modern society with revealing clothes and rapid access to the online and digital world it’s becoming a difficult task for many to remain faithful/focus on one woman/man. Some of our ladies are not helping the matters at all- they ‘dress to kill’ and thereby making some of our brothers to develop neck and eyes problem while attempting to turn 360 degrees to catch a glimpse at a girl passing by. And also having an access to the online world makes you see all kinds of mind-controlling pictures and videos. You know what you see have great impact on your mind-
The good news is it’s possible to live with your spouse as long as possible. It’s possible to love him/her, yes it’s possible to love only him/her but that comes with a conscious decision and strength from God. It’s painful and heartbreaking when you cheat on your man/woman, it’s very embarrassing when you stare and lust after another man/woman while your own sweetheart is right there with you.
You should try as much as possible to dedicate your love to the one you claim to love. And I will encourage you to be patient with your man/woman when some incident occurs. Don’t be too fast to leave him/her bcoz there is no Mr/Miss perfect anywhere.
Make sure you do your best to make your man/woman happy and feel your love. And one of the easiest ways to resist temptations is to avoid going places of temptation