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Amaarah’s Lost Soul chapter 4

Haroon was excited but deep inside his heart he knew that he was going to marry this girl he wants to give her a better life, and he needs a wife he is of age and ready to wed Amaarah. It wasn’t long when his parents met her and they were satisfied with his choice they knew that she was going to make a good daughter in law and she looked really modest and humble
She thought about what after haroons mother had told her “Amaarah I really admire your humbleness not all young girls are like you”.
Amaarah was excited she didn’t know how to speak to his parents she continuesly looked at the floor as if she had drop something and when haroons parents what she would like and what colour dress she would love for her wedding day he just said whatever aunt and uncle wants I will accept anything, they were amazed they could not believe what they had heard and the whole family was in love with her since then. Even Dilshad
The Nikaah
The wedding went well and she was excited she was dressed like a princess and haroon like an Egyptian prince but he was excited he is going to spend his life with someone he does not know its freaky yet mysterious he told his best friend Adam that he is going to enjoy being married to Amaarah well as it is Adam agreed because his wife were the opposite of Amaarah
Haroon was not even nervous when he placed Amaarah’s ring onto her finger and he felt her hand shaking and as she was shaking he placed his right hand under the hand her where she wore her ring and she was still shaking then he started rubbing her hand and she stared him in the eyes and said thank you I feel much better. He told her not to worry everything was going to be alright just a few more hours then everything would be over soon. Everyone left soon it was getting dark and maghrieb was a bit late.
About Adam
Adam is haroons best friend and Hasan’s nephew, Haroon and Adam they grew up together, and they are really close when they were younger they loved playing together everything changed when Adam married Anushka she was a witch that’s what Adam called her but his daughter Tabassum was just a miracle baby even though she was always in the past in hospital but Anushka won’t listen she treats Adam as the woman in the house. Adam was silly by marrying her even though he actually likes Amaarah , Adam lives a few roads from Amaarah and he use to stare at her walk to school while he drove with his mom they offered her a lift a couple of times but no can do she won’t take a lift with strangers. Adam was the only boy she spoke to when she was in primary school and after that they never saw each other Anushka was Adams high school lover and when they completed college they got married her father was his boss then and still is as for haroon he works 5 hours a day and get more salary than Adam but he doesn’t show them that his more of a down to earth guy and he is always smiling even though sometimes he feels upset of worried one won’t find the smile gone not even a second. The only one who could cheer up a upset and furious Adam was haroon. They were close before but since then they had departed they were quarreling over small things and as usual Adam started it even though his elder to haroon , haroon looked up to him as an older brother haroon didn’t have a brother but he had a brother in law.
Hasan was a busy child when he was born he had a brother his name is Shakur,
Shakur & Hasan
Shakur was 15 years older to Hasan and Shakur was married to Sumaiya they Had a son the same time haroon was born Adam was born as well , they grew up together and when Hasan was in high school he met Dilshad and they were then in love when they had completed their studies Hasan then married Dilshad.

Hasan and Shakur was from different mothers but the same father Hasan’s mother left their father for personal reasons and Hasan’s father married Shakur’s mother when Shakur was born his mother had pass on and then Hasan’s mother was upset and she came back to care for Shakur she was a humble lady she loved kids a lot and at the time he was 15 years old she felt pregnant with Hasan. But Hasan hates Shakur tremendously and up till today Shakur stil loves Hasan. Shakur tried many times to clear the air between the two but Hasan’s were stubborn just like Ameer their father.
Shakur were always busy playing somewhere but he was a sweet child loved eating and he completed primary school and high school he went to study a business course he was the youngest in the entire school studying this course he was the best in speaking open to everyone he was one of a kind he was a striving young boy. He grew into a handsome young man soon and he never swept any females off their feet he was sincere in doing what Allah has commanded him to do.
Hasan was a quiet baby when he was little and he was younger to Shakur and because of the age gap they never got along ,
he has 1 kid humayrah she was his princess even though he didn’t spend much time with her but she was loved by her uncle haroon a lot and Shakur as well she even stayed with Shakur for months when her mother was in labor with her brother Usaamah was born when humayrah was only 2 years old. Shakur and Sumaiya took humayrah them with him on holiday they went to Mauritius once and that was the last Shakur saw humayrah their dad didn’t want them so far from him even though his wife didn’t even care she loved them with Shakur and Sumaiya she even said Shakur has more time for them than Hasan , Dilshad loved Shakur and haroon a lot they were really helpful and Shakur was like a big brother to haroon because Adam and haroon were really close since they were little and when Dilshad got married than her, they were always chatting when in public and he would speak to Dilshad about the greatness of Allah she had a friend who were Christian before and after meeting with haroon she then decided to embrace Islam and it was a moment of peace as she would say and Hasan knew that she embraced Islam for haroon it was his words that changed her heart forever Rizqah fell in love with haroon after she saw him she immediately embraced Islam and when he didn’t wanted to marry her , she decided to turn back to Christianity but haroon made her swore she won’t change her religion because of him or anybody else or anything she met a great guy and married him and she’s a mother now the baby is 8 months . UcenterDress wedding gowns with bling

He was the youngest at the Islamic school and he completed who had completed a course in 4 years he was very intelligent and he went at the age of 17 to 5 different countries, Saudi Arabia and he completed a umrah as well when he went to Makkah , Pakistan,India,Malaysia and last but not least Bangladesh.
He was the brother of Dilshad they were always seen together they were e=very close when they were younger until Dilshad got married to Hasan.
Haroon was a great guy and he was humble even though he was most time not on time he was on time always for his prayers, Haroon was really spectacular and a great leader he was Amaarahs true love sent from Allah to her.
Dilshad was an amazing young girl when she was little her father and mother loved her tremendously and she was the first born her brother haroon was a few years younger than her they never really fought with each her if they did Dilshad would say mean things to him he on the other hand was not bothered about the things she would trough at his face he knew she loved him a lot and he would laugh and walk away and later he would come back with a snack in his hand made for her he was a simple guy she did love him as he knows, she visited him often they spent most times together. And this is what haroon, Hasan told haroon he can’t always have what he wants .

Hasan ran a huge company with his brother Shakur even though haroon was only an employee at his firm they didn’t see much of each other only in board meetings, Hasan was strict when it comes to working so they were kind of not related at work no one even knew they were related they never even had lunch together but this was because they were both different people but he spent most of his time with Shakur and the workers at the office had thought that Hasan was the son of Shakur. But they realized that Adam were his son, haroon felt like Hasan was just a guy that was married to his sister Dilshad.
By : Rafeedah Isaacs