Wedding Rebel
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"Most parents are poor role-models for their children, because their expectations do not find an expression in themselves.

For example, parents want their children to obey them, while they themselves do not obey either their elders or the laws of the land.

Many mothers dress like their teenage daughters and are obsessed with weight loss and looking good.

Many parents indulge in drinking, smoking and partying as much as their adolescents do.

They cheat, lie and hide their income from the tax authorities.

They indulge in extra-marital affairs and cyber-sex; and are addicted to cell phones, TV and social networking sites.

They display road rage, and bribe the policemen.

In short, they do all that their children do and much more besides that.

However, most parents do not see the contradictions in their personal standards, they forget that the way parents think, speak and act teaches a child how to think, speak and act." affordable full-figured wears for formal party below 50

From the unedited version of my book, The Art of Conscious Parenting <3

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