Wedding Rebel
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apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies

Shitttt!! Fahh showw!! Dios conmigo y quien contra mi. As long as I'm cool with GOD can NOTHING OR NO-POS break me..PALABRA HOMEBOII..Stop hating & join the SOBER life ? ? . Even though you talk all that shit Bitchhhh.. I too stay praying for you.. ? ? ? ? ? ..NOTTTTTTT.sorry God i need a lot of you to not hate DDD ? Stay strong brothahhhh cuz unlike u I'd be a shame to be flossing a job,a bike & a place when what you really need is to lay of that mmmmhhhhmmm!! YOU CAN TALK ALL U WANT ASSUME ALL U WANT MAKE UP WHAT U WANT U STILL JUMPING IN MY KOOL-AID TALKING BOUT IRRELEVANT BULLSHIT. Once a nasty ass cheater liar NO RESPECT DUMB FUCK BITCH LEVA for ever one...& Fyi it's very hard to believe the homegirl falling for your " GROWTH " dude keep it real..How u changing & making progress when you wake up back at square 1 again EVERY MATHFKN morning..stop it..really..poor thing.. Well that was a bitch releaser..much needed I cant stand how fake two face lying ass fools can be but oh oh a bitch opens her mouth and post shit like this and " Be a lady " all of a sudden...stfu. Never in my life had I ever encountered one sick mind fucking cheating bitch boii fool who dresses acts pro claims to be a gangster but AINT SHIT WILL NEVER BE SHIT CUZ HE ON THAT SHIT...Stop hitting it and really SOBER UP!! oh and pay them ticket's..cuz what goes around comes around you aint done paying karma still on you & her name is Julie you bitch!!! apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies

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