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champagne color cocktail party selections


1. please don't just drop off a resume and assume that that is a job interview : yes you have your Bartending resume but you still need to complete a application you are applying for any of the Bartending positions please ask to fill out employment application when you are meeting with human resources or bar manager ( if you were really motivated 70 percent of the jobs I post you can either download the job application and bring it with you filed out completely !
2. Please be dressed as a bartender that means White button-down pressed shirt black pants black shoes very professional look like you already have a job this for men and women boys and girls act like you're auditioning for a bartending roleyou address as a bartender optional vest I black tie reccomehded!! If you look like a bartender you would be more likely to make a good impression and that's the first step in getting hired
3 .before you go to a job interview you should be at the least familiar with the cocktail menu( which is usually online ) that way you would be better prepared also to understand the bar , restauraht, lounge concept !
4. When you meet the bar manger or recruiter in human resources Please smile a sincere warm smile show a little enthusiasm make sure your resume is not folded in your pocket make sure your not wearing strong perfume men and woman and you need smile or give atleast eye contact and find a sincere compliment or how you are impressed about the ambiance , look, menu the location anything positive about the establishment and have some personality Bartending is a sales job so you need to be selling yourself just showing up is great but isn't enough if you got a lousy personality and seem unmotivated or appear in enthusiastic ( don't be fake ) but please appear to be interested and ask for the job !!I promise if you follow my instructions you will be hired !! But you got to show up ! Showing up is 95 percent of success the rest is easy !!
5. In the interview were ants you do you have any questions you better have a question the question should be when can I start what's the next step in the hiring process ? Tell him her that you know you would be a valuable member of the team , when asked about why they should hire even if they don't ask you , you need to let him her know you are Reiiable. Freindly , organized always punctual you are certified bartender you have Tips cert and safe serve and any expierance you have in hospitality , food service , customer service cash handling etc but don't start talking about your needing money or how you need to get a jo b Do not lie about your expierance but not necessary to discuss your desire to not to be scheduled for Friday's cause you have a Ballet lesson or that you have a acting class Saturday at 8 and you need to go to the doctor because you hurt your back from just moving cause your roommate locked you out of your apt so you slept in your car before interview , just make sure you let him her know you have no bad habits , you are a great bartender you know that you can learn and your a fast learner who can't wait to get started ask when do I start champagne color cocktail party selections