Wedding Rebel
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Litia was shocked that she failed to express
herself, she swallowed on the few words
she had to say as she looked at Akim
"In-law.." Akim's sister called out to her.
Litia snapped out of every thought running
through her mind.
"We want to know how far you've gone
with preparations three weeks isn't far
away" she said.
"Yes.. Actually the wedding preps have to be
done by second week. Third week should
just be you people waiting for the wedding"
Akim's aunty said
Litia blinked in some form of shock, her
mouth nearly touching her chest.
"Is anything the matter?" Akim's sister
Litia smiled and shook her head "actually the
problem is that..."
Akim quickly interrupted Litia
"The problem is that I promised to buy her
gown and I was just busy with a lot of
things but I promise to get that done this
week" he said
Litia couldn't believe her ears, Akim had
managed to shut her up and now the
meeting had moved to the next agenda.
Bridesmaids dresses.
"In-law .. The bridesmaids?" Akim's sister
said snapping Litia out of her thoughts.
"Uhmm.. I will get back to you on that. I'm
sorry I have been busy" Litia said.
"OK in-law we understand you had the
kitchen party to deal with but please give us
feedback as soon as you can" Akim's sister
The family then moved to discuss pledges
and the other things on the agenda before
the meeting concluded. Litia was quiet the
whole time, her mind was focussed on
other things.
Litia was later called into the kitchen by
Akim's immediate older sister. She was
preparing lunch and Litia joined in the
preparations. As the family members were
many, a lot of food had to be prepared and
after lunch a lot of dishes had to be cleared. champagne mother of the groom gowns
By the time they were done, it was almost
"Musonda.. I should be going now" Litia said
to Akim's immediate older sister.
They had been seating in the kitchen for a
while after finishing with the chores, Akim
had left immediately after lunch to see a
friend and he hadn't even spoken to Litia.
She was devastated, confused, and all she
wanted was to talk to Nora.
"OK mama..thanks for helping me. I really
don't know how I would have managed"
Musonda said
Musonda walked Litia to the living room
where the rest of the family were watching
television. Litia knelt before them to say
"My in-laws. I am going" she said.
They all thanked her for coming and for
preparing wonderful lunch for them.
"This family is indeed gaining a jewel, thank
you so much for coming" Akim's aunty said.
Litia drove straight to Nora's house to break
the unexpected turn of events to her. Nora
was in her room and her mother directed
Litia in.
"Bestie.." Nora said excitedly as she jumped
from the bed to hug Litia.
Nora was surprised to see Litia downcast
and unable to give a smile.
"I know its not easy bestie but you will be
OK.. Trust me" Nora said
Litia sat on Nora's bed without a word.
"If you don't want to talk about it you can
tell me later.. What matters is that you're
finally away from that cheater. Your deserve
better" Nora said
"I didn't.." Litia said emotionally
"What do you mean?"
Nora sat next to her friend and held her
"I failed to do it" she said bursting into
"Its fine you can always tell mum first.. In
fact you should have told mum instead, I
told you it was pointless seeing his family.
Don't cry.. I will accompany you to tell mum"
Nora assuredly said
"No you don't understand" Litia said in a
cracking voice.
Nora looked at her wonderingly
"The wedding is still on" she said.
Nora quickly let go of her friends hands and
she stood up.
"Nora I tried.." Litia cried
"Litia.. The one opportunity you had to make
your life better decided to throw it
way?" Nora asked in shock
"He has already planned everything, he's
paid for everything and .."
"And what? So what? He doesn't care about
you Litia he doesn't love you?" Nora yelled.
Litia waited for Nora to calm down and she
explained everything that happened.
Although Nora felt Litia had acted silly, she
still had faith in her making the right
decision and encouraged her to look at the
clear picture of things.
"I've heard everything you've said and I will
still tell mum.. In fact tonight" Litia said.
That evening Mrs Wakumalo was busy trying
to organise her room, she hadn't cleaned it
up well since Litia's event. She was slowly
getting close to her bronchitis attacks from
all the stampede in her room. When Litia
walked into her mothers room, she said a
short prayer in her heart wondering where
to start from.
"The bride herself" Mrs Wakumalo said with
a smile.
"Hi mum.. You're clearing your room.." Litia
said reluctantly.
"Yes baby, this place is becoming a dust
trap" she said.
"But why didn't you let the helper do it?" she