Wedding Rebel
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Set goals and achevied them all now have new goals set...
☆Got my husky
☆getting my new car in a couple days
☆walking the stage in my cap and gown n my graduation dress
☆getting my new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone
☆ getting my hair done in the back shaved and to a rose R A daimond
☆ i have a happy successful healthy loving family with a roof over our heads and jobs
☆ going to be getting the girls in gymnastics or dance class after I visit Sacramento and shut down my storage
☆ going to see my kids in Sacramento my friends and family
☆ going to college for my credentials for teaching in Psychology and child development with special needs individuals/children
That's just some of the goals I've already completed have in the making and going to be successfully completed within a few months I'm so proud of myself as an individual independently and I'm proud of us as a couple as a family and proud of my man as an individual within himself for being a man I can honestly say my life is so f****** great I wouldn't change it for anything I have so many people that love us and that are there for us and I acknowledged every day for our accomplishments and success and I think everybody that has been there and that does see that and acknowledge it I cannot wait to continue to make these goals and to keep succeeding and all of them there is no limit I will not fail I have not failed I am a soldier I'm a beast I cannot be stopped I will not be stopped this is who I am who I've always been I'm so prideful and what I am who I become and who I'll continue to become cheap sexy wedding dresses