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Close your eyes...
The perfect wedding day isn't the flowers or the food, it's the people. It's my job, my honour to capture your wedding day the way you imagine it to be.

I thought about how to advertise to potential Bride and Grooms out there, and honestly, everything I wrote seemed commercial and had no trademark on it.
Once I realized this, I deleted everything and came up with this...

I am a mother first, a friend second and a photographer third.
Ironically, putting all of these together I describe exactly the style of photographer I am.

One that is not afraid to help out, I can change dirty diapers if need be, no need of putting brown spots on your dress!
I will remind you to put Kleenex into your cleavage, just as a girlfriend would. I will have bobby-pins in my camera bag, and tampons for anyone in need. The one to make sure the coast is clear, don't want the groom seeing you before you are ready.
Finally a Photographer - the one who captures the soft tear slipping down your Pupa's cheek. Crying at a wedding is very common, even I have found myself so entranced with the bride and groom as they begin a new chapter, it's hard to hold those few tears back. Being all of this for you is what being a photographer is all about. I will be the one who follows you around all day and is sure to give you a hug before I leave. Ask any of my clients, wedding or otherwise - I care for them all. grey mother of the groom gown

I have 13+ years of experience
I am self-taught, therefore I do nothing by the book. Feel free to challenge me with locations, lighting and backgrounds.

One thing I know for certain is that photography is not my way of life but rather life itself. Memories are so precious, I invite you to experience a journey with me. (As cheesy as that seems)

Please let me know if you have any questions at all!
Here is all of the contact information along with my FB page & website

Thank you all, for taking the time out of your planning to read this.

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