Wedding Rebel
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Chapter 10: Mist Village (Part I)
It was early morning, 6 o'clock to be exact, and it was the departure day for the Hokage and her party along with the Kazekage and his party. The meeting would be held tomorrow in the Mist village. Tsunade, still in her pajamas, was looking outside the window in her bedroom, in her 2 story house near the Hokage monument. A memento of her grandfather, passed down to her parents, and now to her. She watched the village from her window. She could see Lee and Gai doing their daily laps around the village. She laughed to herself; those two didn't come any weirder.
The Hokage was thinking about the information that Kakashi gave her yesterday. She couldn't stop thinking that there was a possibility that her son, Senzairu, was still alive. On top of trying to get Naruto to stay in the village, the nagging council, this upcoming meeting in Mist, and possibly the return of her son, Tsunade was getting a little stressed. She walked away from the window to go and prepare for the day ahead.
After 20 minutes of preparation, which included showering and getting dressed, Tsunade walked into the kitchen to see Shizune making breakfast, "Hello Tsunade-sama, I thought you would be hungry so I took the liberty of making you something to eat."
Tsunade pulled out a chair and sat, "This looks good Shizune, but you didn't have to go through the trouble of fixing me anything you know."
Shizune brought Tsunade her plate then took a seat right next to hers, "It's the least I can do; after all, you have been working really hard lately."
Tsunade swallowed her food before speaking, "Yes, I really have been working hard but that's not why you made me this breakfast. Shizune, I'm not upset ok. You don't have to try and cheer me up ok."
Shizune met Tsunade's eyes, "I'm sorry Tsunade-sama. However, you can't deny with all of the recent events that you don't deserve something nice."
"I guess you're right. Anyway, thanks for breakfast. I must be heading to the tower; I also have to do a few things before I leave. Also, have Naruto come to my office immediately. I need to talk to him." Tsunade ordered the younger girl.
"Yes Tsunade-sama, I will do that." Shizune went to clean the dishes.
Hokage Office 10 mins…
Tsunade entered her office to see Jiraiya sitting on the couch. "I haven't seen you for a couple of days, where have you been?" Tsunade asked while walking to her desk to take a seat.
Jiraiya watched her as she sat, "I actually went to Sea Country to see Ryuho. I'm back now and I think it's time we tell Naruto."
"You sure you want to tell him now? I don't know if it's a good idea Jiraiya. I mean, he deserves to know but at the same time the timing isn't right. Besides I called him here to inform him that he and his guest will be staying with me for the remainder of his stay." Tsunade informed her former teammate.
"You gave up on convincing him to rejoin the village?" Jiraiya asked.
"No, I haven't given up but let's face it; you and I both know that Naruto staying in this village is a long shot. After we reveal his lineage to him he's going to hate this village even more. I don't blame him if he does either." Tsunade stated in a voice tinged with anger thinking about the villagers' treatment of Naruto.
Jiraiya spoke, "I see you noticed the dirty looks that Mai and Yumi have received."
Tsunade gave a slight nod, "Even though I have tons of paper work, it doesn't mean that I'm blind. Yes I have seen the looks that some villagers and even some of my own ninjas have given them. I figure that someone will try something while Naruto is away. They won't try anything while Mai and Yumi are at the Hokage's house. I will also have one of the Shinobi that doesn't hate Naruto for being the Kyuubi container to protect Yumi and Mai."
"That's a good idea. I was trying to think of something but that is perfect." Jiraiya said/
A young Chuunin walked in the office, "Tsunade-sama, Naruto is here like you asked."
"Send him in" The Chuunin stepped aside to let Naruto in.
"Tell me obaa-chan, what was so important that you couldn't wait to tell me later?" Naruto was obviously irate at being in the Hokage's office this early.
Tsunade looked at Naruto and motioned for him to sit down. "Naruto, we have something to tell you."
Jiraiya got up off of the couch and walked over to Naruto. He dug his hand in the inner part of his jacket and handed Naruto a letter. "Naruto, this letter should tell you everything. Before you read this letter, please understand that this was done for your own protection."
Naruto eyed Jiraiya suspiciously. He looked at the letter that Jiraiya handed to him. He glanced at Tsunade, and then back to Jiraiya, "So, what is this about?"
"Naruto, please just read the letter ok."
Naruto looked at Tsunade and did what she told him to do. He opened the letter and began to read
Dear Naruto,
If you're reading this then it means that I'm dead. It also means that you are old enough and strong enough to take care of yourself, which makes me proud. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you, but life is like that sometimes you know. I think I'm rambling, but what do you say to a son that you will never watch grow and that you can never be there to protect? I guess it doesn't matter anymore, you can now protect yourself and your loved ones I'm sure.
Sitting here writing this letter, it pains me because neither will I or your mother, whom just passed giving birth to you, will be there to watch you take your first steps, to go with on your first day to the academy, or congratulate you from graduating from the academy.
I know you're going to be a great ninja. You know your old man wasn't a slouch either, but I'm sure you will hear all about my accolades in the history books. One of my accomplishments will involve you greatly.
Naruto, what I'm about to do is something that I have to do. After I finish writing this letter, I will take you with me to the battlefield and seal the Kyuubi inside of you. Understand that I had to do this. As a Hokage, I couldn't ask anyone in my village to make a sacrifice that I wouldn't make myself. I sincerely hope that people will see you as a hero; however, I'm a realist and I'm a little bit skeptical about this happening. Naruto, hopefully people will do as I wish, but if they don't then I want you to be strong.
If you hate me for what I'm about to do then I understand. I just want you to know that there is no one that I would trust to harbor the power of the Kyuubi other than my son. Also, you need to know that your mother and I love you dearly. Don't be mad at Jiraiya, Sarutobi, and Kakashi for not telling you of your heritage. I told them not to tell you until you were ready. Jiraiya was ordered to give you the letter when you were ready for it, Sarutobi was to keep you secret and give you your mothers maiden name, and Kakashi…well you should see him after reading this he has something that I told him to give you. I just want you to know that both of your parents loved you and we would never leave you unless it was absolutely necessary. mint or green colored items to wear for the maid of the brides
I'm giving up everything for my village and the only thing I want is for everyone to treat my son like the hero that he is, not some monster that they might believe you to be. You are Namikaze Naruto, Son of the Yondaime Hokage, protect what is dear to you and never give up. Never give up and never go back on your word. That is my nindo; I hope you can gain something from it. They are calling me son, I have to leave now. Don't worry Naruto; I'm always with you in spirit.
Your loving father,
Namikaze Minato
Naruto looked at the letter with a look of indifference. Tsunade and Jiraiya were trying to gauge his reaction. They were waiting for him to explode any second now, but he never did. Naruto slowly tore his gaze from the letter to focus on Tsunade, "How long have you known?"
Tsunade heard the seriousness in Naruto's tone, "I found out a couple of months after you left."
Naruto turned to Jiraiya with a venomous look in his eyes, "You knew all along and you didn't tell me. Why, how could you?"
"Naruto, your father asked me a favor. If I told you I would be breaking a dying man wish, please understand." Jiraiya hoped his student would understand.
"I understand… I understand that I was my father sacrificed me to protect a village that shunned me. I was left to fend for myself, and I spent countless nights wondering if my parents abandoned me. All I ever wanted was to know who my parents were. You want to know what the lady at the orphanage told me once... She said that my parents had abandoned me because I was a good for nothing monster." Naruto vented his anger.
Jiraiya gave Naruto a sympathetic look, "I know you suffered Naruto but…"
Naruto laughed mockingly, "Suffered. What do you know about my suffering? I have a question for you Jiraiya, why not take me with you if you felt you owed Yondaime, hmm?"
"Sarutobi ordered that you not leave the village until you became a Genin. I fought but he wouldn't budge. I'm sorry Naruto; there was nothing I could do." Jiraiya said to his student.
Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Excuses." He then took his gaze off of Jiraiya and turned to Tsunade, "Don't think you're off the hook. You may not have known from the beginning, but why didn't you inform the council. If they knew I was the son of the Yondaime then…"
Tsunade cut Naruto off, "They already know. They all knew before me."
Naruto was now fuming, "You mean to tell me that they know and they still treat me as if I'm a plague?"
"I'm sorry Naruto. It's hard for them to understand that you aren't the Kyuubi, your just Naruto." Tsunade gave the blond a smile hoping it would lighten the mode. Naruto just got up and headed to the door.
"Where are you going?" Jiraiya asked.
"Kakashi has something that belongs to me, I'm going to get it" Naruto stopped at the door; He then looked back at the Hokage, "When this war is completely over and finished, I'm done with Konoha. My family sacrificed too much and has not gotten anything in return, not even a thank you. I should have charged more, but no amount of money could pay the debt that Konoha owes."
Naruto walked out of the office leaving Tsunade and Jiraiya behind. Tsunade looked at her former teammate, "He took that better than I thought."
Jiraiya nodded, "Yes he did. He's right though; Konoha owes him more than they can count. Getting him to stay in the village is going to be harder now Tsunade."
"I'm not going to try." The blond Hokage informed her teammate.
"Really, I thought that you said you wanted him to become a member of this village again."
"I did, but he more than anyone deserves to be happy. Before I contacted him I'm sure he was happy. This village has been hell for him and it's selfish to ask him back knowing that he suffered here for far too long. No Jiraiya, I'm not going to ask him to stay."
Jiraiya looked at the door that Naruto left through and just sigh. "Should I go to make sure Kakashi is still alive or what?"
Tsunade looked at her a teammate, "Do what you want. Kakashi is a big boy, he can take care of himself."
Jiraiya sat back down on the couch, "I guess you're right. So you're leaving for Mist later on today I see."
"Yes, the meeting is tomorrow at noon. We should arrive in Mist about 7pm today; at least it gives us sometime to get adjusted. I just want to put an end to this pathetic war. It seems like were fighting over nothing." The Hokage stated.
"This war is not what you might think it to be Tsunade. I hate being cryptic but you will find out what this war is all about real soon."
Tsunade quirked an eyebrow at Jiraiya's comment, "You know what this war is about, don't you? Your trip to Sea Country had a purpose. Tell me Jiraiya, why go to Sea Country?"
Jiraiya responded, "My trip to Sea Country was to see Ryuho. I had to find out something that concerns Naruto, however what I found was something more than I expected. All I'm going to say is keep your eyes open while in Mist. You will definitely miss something if you don't."
Tsunade stood up and slammed her hand against the table, "What the hell is that suppose to mean got dam…" Jiraiya body flickered, leaving a trail of smoke where he was once sitting. "Got damn it, he knew something. I swear when I see that frog loving bastard I'm going to kick his ass." Tsunade sat back in her chair and started to massage her eyebrows, "I getting to old for this shit. I really need a drink right now." The Medic-nin pulled out a glass and poured a cup of sake.
Kakashi's Apartment Building…
Naruto was knocking on the door of Kakashi's apartment. The knocks were so loud that the person next door came out, "Would you keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep here." Naruto slowly turned his head to face the person that was telling him to keep it down, "Oh, Naruto it's just you. Why the hell are you knocking so loud?"
Naruto just looked at Ino. She saw the anger in his eyes and wondered what had him up and pissed this early. Ino decided to be nice, "Naruto, come in. I'm sure Kakashi isn't in right now and you look like you haven't eaten, so come on in and let me fix you a meal."
Naruto thought it over for a second. He decided to eat at her apartment. After all, he could just wait there until Kakashi returned. Naruto walked over and entered Ino's apartment. Ino motioned for Naruto to follow her to the kitchen. She motioned for him to take a seat at the table. Ino went into the fridge to get some stuff to prepare breakfast,
"Why are you knocking on Kakashi's door so early anyway?"
"He has something that belongs to me and I want it right now." Naruto informed the Kunoichi.
"Whatever. Sakura, get your lazy ass out here!" Ino looked at Naruto, "She had a long night at the hospital, but maybe she can tell you where Kakashi is."
Sakura came out of her room in a long white t-shirt and pink slippers on. Rubbing her eyes, she walked into the kitchen, "Damn Ino, you could have let me sleep a little longer. Why the hell did you wake me?"
Ino pointed in Naruto's direction causing Sakura to turn and face him. She saw Naruto and jumped back slightly, "Naruto, you scared me, what brings you here?"
"I came looking for Kakashi, but he wasn't there and Ino offered to make me breakfast. You wouldn't happen to know where he's at?" Naruto asked his former teammate.
Sakura put he hand on her chin, "Well… He's usually training with Sasuke and Sai this time of the morning. They usually train until about 9, why are you looking for Kakashi-sensei?"
Naruto stood up, "Like I told Ino, he has something that belongs to me."
Naruto body flickered out of the room leaving the girls behind. Ino tightened her fist, "That bastard, how dare he not stay for my breakfast. Doesn't he know that I don't just cook for anyone? Oh that Naruto is so going to pay when I catch him. I'm going to make him this breakfast, kick his ass, and shove it down his throat. YOU HEAR THAT NARUTO? CONSIDER YOUR ASS KICKED YOU BASTARD." Ino looked around to see that Sakura had already slipped out of the room; this pissed her off even more. Ino just pumped her fist in the air to vent her frustration.
Ino looked out of the window and saw Chouji walking with Lee. "Chouji, Lee, I'm making a big breakfast and I can't possibly finish off by myself. Would you guys care to join me?"
Chouji and Lee looked at each other before their mouth filled with saliva. Before Ino knew it the two Jounins were sitting at her table. Ino force a smile,
"Sakura and Naruto, you two are so dead."
Team 7 training ground…
Sasuke was sparing with Sai, and getting the better of him. Kakashi was looking at the members of the new Team 7 spar. Sai was losing and Kakashi decided it was enough, "Ok, Sasuke and Sai that's enough. We're done sparring for today." Sasuke looked at Kakashi and narrowed his eyes. He was pissed at the fact that Kakashi stopped him from pummeling Sai some more. Sasuke's attitude changed when he saw Naruto walking towards them.
Kakashi saw the sudden mood change in Sasuke; this caused him to turn around. What Kakashi saw was a pissed off looking Naruto. As Naruto walked up, Kakashi waved, "Hey Naruto how's everything?"
"Cut the formalities Kakashi, I've come to get what rightfully belongs to me."
Sasuke stepped up, "Looks like I might get a good spar, unless you're scared to fight, dobe."
Naruto cut his eyes at Sasuke, "I don't have to time to use you as a punching bag Sasuke, maybe some other time."
Naruto turned his attentions back to Kakashi, "You know why I'm here Kakashi, let's go now."
"I guess Jiraiya told you. Well Naruto, for what it's worth, I'm sorry I didn't inform you of this news. Let's go, I think I should give you what is rightfully yours." Kakashi said.
Naruto and Kakashi walked off, with Kakashi leading the way. Sai walked up to Sasuke who was still mad at Naruto, "So that was Uzumaki Naruto, eh? He doesn't look strong, but I guess he's something if he kicked your ass." When Sasuke turned around to face Sai, he had disappeared leaving Sasuke alone. Sasuke decided to go home and shower up. Maybe a little R&R would cool him down just a little.
10 mins later in Kakashi's apartment…
Kakashi motioned for Naruto to sit; however, he opted to stand. Kakashi shrugged and went to his back room. The copy nin came back with a scroll and a kunai. He handed the two items to Naurto. Naruto looked at the items curiously, trying to figure out their purpose. Kakashi spoke, "I have no idea what's in the scroll; however, that kunai is a special kunai. Your father used that kunai to perform arguably the greatest technique ever created. Naruto, do you know why your father was called the "Yellow Flash"?
Naruto shook his head. Kakashi begin to explain, "Yondaime was famous for a technique called the Hiraishin no Jutsu. With this technique, he could move at the speed of light. This technique made him feared throughout all of the ninja villages. Your father was a great man Naruto, I'm truly sorry you had to find out this way."
Naruto just looked at Kakashi. Kakashi couldn't tell what Naruto was thinking which made him uneasy. The silence thickened. After a minute Naruto spoke, "What was your connection with the Fourth, Kakashi?"
"I was his student."
Naruto eyes narrowed at the copy nin. Before he did something to Kakashi, Naruto just turned around and walked out his apartment. Kakashi knew that fact made Naruto mad. He knew that Naruto felt that he should have taught him; after all, his father did teach Kakashi. Naruto just walked down the hall. Ino opened her door to let Lee and Chouji out. Lee and Chouji turn to see Naruto walk past them.
Lee called out the blonde, "Naruto-kun. How's it going?" Lee got no response from the blonde. Lee looked dejected, "I wonder what happened to Naruto-kun."
"I don't know but he was looking for Kakashi earlier." Ino stated.
"Whatever it is, he looked really pissed", Chouji said.
"Pissed is an understatement. He's mad at me for keeping a secret from him." Kakashi informed the trio, who jumped at his presence.
Ino brow elevated slightly, "What did you do?"
"I knew who his parents were and I kept the secret from him." The copy nin informed the trio.
"Why would you do that?" Ino said with a slightly elevated voice.
Kakashi just turned around walked back to his apartment. When he closed the door the trio looked at each other. Chouji, Ino, and Lee took off to find out what was up with Naruto.
Naruto was walking down the street looking at the scroll and the kunai that Kakashi had giving him. He was studying it; he had to admit that the craftsmanship was top notch. Naruto put the Kunai in his pouch. He decided to go to a place where he could think. He decided to go to the one place that would bring him comfort in this village, the top of the Fourth's head. He laughed at the irony, "I guess kids will always seek out their parents when they need comfort." Naruto went to sit on top of the Fourth's head to think things over.
Ino, Lee, and Chouji were looking for the blond. Instead of finding him they ran into Asuma, "Hey guys, did any of you see Kurenai?"
Lee shook his head, "No Asuma-san, we did not. Did you happen to see Naruto-kun?"
"No I haven't. Did you guys check his hotel? If he's not there I would check the Hokage's tower or the Ichiraku ramen stand. If you guys don't find him there then I don't know what to tell you. By the way, why are you guys looking for Naruto?" Questioned the son of the Third.
Ino spoke, "Well he just came out of Kakashi's apartment mad. He had a weird kunai with him and a scroll."
The mentioning of the kunai caught Asuma's attention, "Wait, did you say he had a weird kunai with him."