Wedding Rebel
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mismatched convertible wears for bridesmaids

( Vickie Szymanski )
*** Looking to trade for the following items listed below******
----Link to these trade tanks--- Type in OPEN
***Items in tank vary from pictures as I buy / trade premiums,so should click link*** mismatched convertible wears for bridesmaids
~~~~~LOOKING FOR~~~~~~~~
purple water nymph
red water nymph
pink water nymph
green terrarium dragon
amethyst dragon warrior ( female)
gem phoenix set
- emerald
- sapphire
- ruby
sorceress of dark passions
bearded dragons basking on a log
marinus the merman
Sunflower Flower Dragon
rose flower dragon
Dad eating cookies
Perched Ice Dragon on Tower
Icy fairy snowglobe
Lavender Snowflake snowglobe
- wintry snow sorceress
- wintry ice princess
- wintry snow sorcerer
dad with child holding star
stern the viking chieftain
halloween unicorn set
- candy
- patchwork
- spirit
- witch
viking Valkyrie
desire succubus
dark fairy queen
floating assistant
witch mermaid
scuba mummy
watchful treant ( will trade 3)
Catrina doll
rainbow watering fairy
kimono princess ( light blue dress)
dryad witch ( will trade 2 )
spooky pumpkin diver
festive trapeze artist ( will trade 2)
boy and wolf
darkness elemental fairy ( will trade 2 )
flying monkey ( gem rush) - will trade 5
snowflake ballerina ( Will trade 5 )
deranged patient - Has a bunny head( will trade 2)
transforming alicorn ( will trade 3 )
( Please msg me for different items, I will trade 20 premiums)
abyssal tattooed mermaid
gothic nanny
green gown southern belle
evil siren
magma queen ( will trade 5)
Purple Tattoo Fairy
amethyst gem prince
silver moon dryad
mistletoe king
tamer of dragons ( pink)
dahlia the petal mermaid
royal carousal horse
king of the autumn forest ( STAG) will trade 3
noble steed
grizzly bear princess
shila the red butterfly fairy
dark sphinx oracle
fire mage ( will Trade 2)
dark nautilus ( Will trade 3 )
jade gargoyle ( will trade 5 )
queen bee ( black and white- will trade 5)
dark snow white ( will trade 5 )
lydia the swinging demon ( will trade 5 )
formal captain nemo
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