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online items to wear in the evening

If anyone is having problems getting a prom dress please get in touch with Christy N Jason Weiss . She is giving this one away for free for someone who can't afford to buy one! Please share so everyone can see!! Thanks ?

Christy N Jason Weiss added 2 new photos . February 25 at 9:05pm ·

Hey guys! ? ? ? UPDATE ? ? ?
If anyone knows of a girl who can’t afford a dress to go to Prom or any dance that’s coming up, please let me know.
She will also receive her hair/make up done for FREE, by sweet Carla Dames !

I want to give this dress and makeover to a well deserving, less fortunate girl who really Can not afford one or who can’t afford to have her hair/make up done. I want that one girl, who never gets to go because she just can’t afford it to feel like the princess she is! online items to wear in the evening

(This dress is a size small, but will fit a medium build I would think, it has a semi-open back, very simple and elegant. ——
It’s not a shiny, expensive dress and may be too simple for some, but it could be the best thing ever for someone out there)