Wedding Rebel
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strapless evening gowns

# just_a_friendly_advice
one of the greatest rule of the internet is
 Never do anything online that you would not do in real life. Even while communicating online, you are dealing with real people. Therefore, do not say anything over the Internet that you would not say on their faces. this includes photos strapless evening gowns
# dear friends always think wisely, prudently and just logically when u post pics of u half naked or insults on social media ,u are showing us who u truly are. don't think that when we meet u nicely dressed will make us think otherwise ,we already know who u are .
am appealing in fact begging have some self respect before we disrespect you according to ur actions
# God_wants_you but # you_need_God_in_your_life
may Jesus turn our sinful minds in his righteousness.
goodnight pipo of God