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Welcome to the Wedding Rebel website. I believe that true love between a couple can be celebrated in a completely individual way, and want to honor you with a ceremony that’s as unique as your love. My name is Carrie Ginnane, and I’m an open-minded minister who is dedicated to providing individualized marriage ceremonies within the State of Hawaii.


I believe that there can be different ways and ceremonies to celebrate and officiate the union between two people. There is no one “right”, “true” or “correct” ceremony. I offer an open-minded option for couples from different spiritual backgrounds or non conforming beliefs to celebrate their love in an official marriage ceremony of their choice. You can choose to just make a spiritual commitment in a beautiful setting, and not officially sign marriage documents, if that’s what suits your relationship. I pass no judgment on anyone who is truly in love and seeks to commit to another person on their life's journey.    

If you are looking for an alternative to the standard marriage ceremony and would like to make your commitment in a way that is specifically what you want, then please consider using my services to create a ceremony for you. I will travel to any location of your choosing, and perform any type of ceremony that you wish.


Best wishes on your journey in love and life...

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