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About Me

I'm not a 'typical' minister. I'm young, non-denominational, open-minded and female. I started Wedding Rebel to provide couples with an alternative to 'traditional' weddings, and cater to what they want on their special day. It made me sad to find out that some churches will not perform weddings for couples from different religious backgrounds, or who are living together before marriage, or don't fit within the church's ideology. So, I don't impose any of my personal beliefs on the couples who I marry, and am flexible on the location, ceremony format and other requests. I truly believe that marriage is a spiritual connection, that transcends religious, racial, economic and other social categories that exist in society. I also believe that a ceremony should be something that suits the couples' beliefs, and ideals about their relationship. I believe that marriage has three parts: The spiritual commitment, the legal agreement and the enduring commitment to care for each other after the cermony is over. I'm blessed to be able to assist couples with the first two parts of this beautiful milestone in their lives. I have lived on the island of O'ahu since 1999, and feel grateful for the opportunity to make your wedding a special occasion that will strengthen the bond of love you share with your life's partner. TESTIMONIALS: "Carrie as a wedding minister and person is one of the best people I have met in a long time and befriended so quickly. I met her only a few days before my wedding and she came through for me and my husband over and over again. Not only did she help my husband in planning the wedding, but she also helped us when no one would come to our location tomarry us. We were her very first couple she had performed her ministry services for, and I'm very happy she was. It turned out beautifully, we were able to pick what we wanted and how we wanted it including the actual words to make it binding... Not only was she professional but she seemed to have a sense of what we wanted and did everything she humanly could to get it for us. Extremely flexible and easy to work was a joy to meet and work with her..." - Brandon & Amber Claunch, Married on 10/21/2004 (pictured below)

"Carrie, we are so grateful that you shared our wedding day with us. Your calmness and confidence were so appreciated. Take care and thanks again for all your hard work." - Kim & Buz Tyler, married on 11/11/2007  (pictured below)

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